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Southport Beach I and II

I'm excited to announce that I will be part of an upcoming group show 'Pairings' at Art/Place Gallery in Fairfield, Connecticut that starts February 6th 2023. My 'art pairing' for this themed show will be a diptych painting of beautiful Southport Beach. Here's a sneak preview of this combinational oil painting art work that will feature amongst a variety of other styles of 'paired' art from other talented Art/Place members.

Oil painting of Southport Beach in Connecticut with view to Southport Harbor
Painting of Southport Beach

This pairing duo captures a peaceful moment at sunset when the sun's rays filter through the tops of the trees, creating a display of warmer colors on the right side of the pairing. Cooler colors are employed on the left side of the painting, as the sun casts its light towards the Southport Harbor. Hope you can make the art reception which will be on Feb 12th between 2-5pm at Art/Place Gallery, 70 Sanford St in Fairfield. The show will run till March 5 and the gallery is open daily 12-5pm.


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