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Penfield & Jennings

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The world seems a much different one since the last time I posted back in March. Back then we were midway through a March group show called 'Outside' at Art/Place gallery, when lock-down struck. Since then its been a dormant couple of month on the gallery scene and everything has been more 'Inside' to say the least.

As we go past the longest day of the year milepost things are gradually opening up in Connecticut, so hopefully new art shows will follow soon with the appropriate social distancing rules in place - so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, out of this difficulty comes new creativity and its been a productive time in the studio at least. Here's a couple of new seascapes I've completed of my hometown in Farfield from recent months.

'Penfield Beach, Incoming Tide' - The view from Penfield Beach looking towards Jennings Beach.

Penfield Beach in Fairfield, CT
'Penfield Beach, Incoming Tide'

And on a different day and at a higher tide, the view in the opposite direction from Jennings Beach looking towards Penfield Beach. As well as the Fairfield Beach club, further in the distance Penfield pavilion and the start of Penfield Reef is shown.

Finally, the lock-down also ushered in the homeschooling era for my kids at least.

A school trip to the back yard for plein air sessions was time well spent and made for easy clean up (apart from their clothes of course) plus I've appreciated the extra time with my crew.

Warm regards and good health,




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