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Summer time on Cape Cod

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I'm in the Cape Cod spotlight this month after being selected to feature in this year's Emerging Artists section of the Cape Cod Art Magazine 2021 Annual. Below is a sneak peak of the article and the magazine which is out now, has some incredibly talented artists profiles so well worth picking up a copy if you see it in stores.

Cape Cod Jason Pritchard

As it so happens I was in the Cape on summer vacation when I picked out my copy above. This was an added bonus to my last day of vacation, as it nicely capped of an already productive and fun morning of plein air painting on an overcast Megansett Beach below.

Megansett Beach by Jason Pritchard
Plein Air Morning at Megansett Beach

The cloudy morning was actually very welcome weather to paint in, given the rest of my holiday was spent trying to cool down at other beaches on the Cape, with the temps soaring high into the mid-90s.

Hope you are having an enjoyable summertime and keeping cool.

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